Introduction of Energy Storage Battery Pack from IEE Tek

IEE Home Storage Battery

1. Basic Information

  • Model Name: P5000 series
  • Cell Type: LiFePO4
  • Rated Energy: 5.2 kWh (100Ah)
  • Usable Energy (90% DOD): 4.8 kWh (93Ah)
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V
  • Max Discharge Power: 4600W/5800W
  • Lifetime (23℃): 10 years
  • Life Cycles: 6000 (0.5C/0.5C, 90% DOD)

2. Quality Guaranteed Battery Cell

The cell used in IEE storage battery is from CATL, which quality guaranteed. The service life can be up to 10 years and life cycles can be 6000 times.

3. Security Design

(1)Rugged metal casing in 2mm thickness and weighs 13KG. It’s strong enough to protect the cell inside.

(2)The casing surface is applied with treatment process of outdoor powder. This works as a shelter against UV and acid-corrosion when installed outdoor.


    (a)The battery cell passed safety standard IEC 62619.
    (b)Battery pack passed transportation certificate UN38.3.

(4)BMS Protection:

    (a)Multiple protection can be set via computer software. And real-time data can also be monitored.

Configuration Software of IEE Battery Pack 01

Fig1. Real-time data of battery pack

Configuration Software of IEE Battery Pack 02

Fig2. Parameters settings of battery pack

(b)The real-time data can also be read from the screen of battery pack:

BMS Screen of IEE Storage Battery

Fig3. Real-time data reading via the screen on battery pack

4. Communication & Connection

(1)Address setting:

  • 16 individual addresses can be set. So 16pcs battery packs can be connected in parallel at max. This makes it flexible when customers need larger storage capacity in their house and even can be for commercial use.


  • IEE storage battery communicates with inverter through RS485 and CAN.
  • By RS232, it can be connected to computer to configure the settings of BMS protection.
Fig 5. Bottom view of battery pack

Fig 5. Bottom view of battery pack

5. Easy Installation

On each side of casing is designed with a handle. This considerate design will make it much easier to lift or move when being installed.

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