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What we do 

Residential PV Inverter

1. IP65 dustproof and waterproof residential solar inverter with CapSense Button design for indoor and outdoor installation;
2. High efficiency on grid grid-tied solar inverter for residential project installation;
3. Residential PV inverter designed with enhanced dynamic MPPT algorithm to ensure real-time and accurate power tracking.
4. Photovoltaic inverters that support GPRS, WIFI and DRM0 intelligent remote monitoring system;
5. User-friendly PV inverters with USB flash disc for quick firmware upgrade.

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Off-grid Inverter

1. High frequency off grid inverter with bulit-in 80A MPPT solar controller;
2. Off grid inverter that supports enhanced algorithm to optimize battery performance and extend battery service life.
3. Off grid inverter that supports parallel connection up to 9 inverters.
4. Off grid inverter that supports high surge power output up to double of nominal power for 5s.

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Residential Storage Inverter

1. Grid-interactive or grid-independent retrofit inverter that supports UPS function that automatic switchover time is less than 10ms.
2. High surge-power hybrid and battery inverter capable of powering inductive loads like air conditioners or refrigerators;
3. Residential storage inverters that support GPRS, WIFI and DRM0 intelligent remote monitoring system
4. Residential storage inverters that can work in multiple modes, such as self-use, forced time use and backup power.

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Portable Storage Inverter

1. Portable power station that supports AC fast charging within 99mins to full capacity;
2. Bi-directional and high power factor portable inverter with pure sine wave output;
3. Portable storage inverter that supports parallel connection to increase output power and extend service time.
4. Portable power station that supports MPPT charging from solar panel.

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1. Quality assured storage battery with battery cell from CATL.
2. BMS integrated storage battery that’s featured with over current protection.
3. Long life cycle storage battery that’s designed with optimized charge and discharge algorithm;
4. Space-saving design storage battery that supports wall mounted installation;
5. Parallel connection up to 16pcs batteries to fit all situation.

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1. Cloud-based remote monitoring system that includes WiFi module and GPRS module.
2. IoT featured remote monitoring system that is easy for firmware upgrade remotely.

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    Buy premium Energy Storages inverters and batteries in bulk

    Energy Storages, Solar Energy Storage

    Are you searching for an inverter? Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy is a prominent Inverter Manufacturers, supplier, and wholesaler involved in manufacturing the Energy Storages in bulk.

    You can buy our Solar Energy Storage and batteries at reasonable prices.

    All our inverters and batteries are featured with advanced features like automatic cut-off after complete charging.

    We are one of the eminent manufacturing and supplying units providing extensive ranges of inverters for our clients.

    Pick the best energy storage

    The advanced features of invertors and batter ensure the reliability that result in an outstanding performance. Here you will get a compact inverter suitable for the low load. The auto shut down feature during load maintains the load within specific limits.

    What types of inverters and batteries can you buy?

    We are providing all assortments of inverters and batteries. You can buy:

    1. Hybrid Inverter

    2. Micro Inverter

    3. Portable Power Station

    4. Off-Grid Inverter

    5. Home Battery

    6. Energy Storages

    7. Solar Energy Storage

    8. Ess Battery

    9. String Inverter

    Hybrid Inverter

    Buy the advance teach Hybrid Inverter made in China at affordable rates. Hybrid Inverter similarly generates energy as the grid-tie solar system. But, in hybrid inverters, a special battery is used to store the energy.

    Hybrid inverters are also available to use as a power supply.

    Micro Inverter

    Want to install the Micro Inverter in your residence or offices? Micro Inverter will best suit you. To fulfill all the requirements of clients, we are offering a high-quality micro inverter in bulk.

    Portable Power Station

    Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy is the leading company providing the Portable Power Station with the high-tech solution to all its clients.

    Our advanced working style with the groundbreaking approach enables us to develop the new range of Portable Power Station made in China.

    Off-Grid Inverter

    Being a well-organized organization, we offer a distinguished range of Off-Grid Inverter to all our clients.

    Off-Grid Inverter is proficient and has high performance. So, quickly buy the best for your needs.

    String Inverter

    Install now the high grade of String Inverter in bulk. You can buy String Inverter from the most trusted and advanced company – Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy.

    We are creating and delivering the worth value to all our clients!

    Why choose Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy items?

    Because we are offering: 1. Self restart
    2. Automatic shut down on overload
    3. Fan cooling
    4. Finely finished cabinet for a classic look

    Experienced professionals

    With the help of our experts, we additionally render brief after-deals administrations for establishment and support on the customers’ site for limiting breakdowns.

    Quality production

    Customers perceive our items for their upgraded execution, high effectiveness, and long support-free overhauling life.

    Testing before dispatch

    We have a team for quality testing the items dependent on various boundaries like proficiency and execution level. When the things finish the assessments, these are opportune conveyed through our wide dispersion channel at the individual locales.