Residential Hybrid Storage system

Hybrid home storage system:

  • Module design, easy installation and transportation
  • Deep coupling of power electronics, 6% increase in usable battery capacity throughout the entire life cycle
  • Supporting multi parallel connection, anti-countercurrent and three-phase unbalanced output
  • 5~80kWh battery capacity range

Residential Grid tied Storage system

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Grid tied home storage system:

1.self consumption—-Used to maximizing solar self-consumption, when PV power is large than home load, the energy will storage in battery, when the PV power is less than home load, the battery will discharge to power the load supplementally.

2. UPS function—When grid loss, inverter will switch to UPS Mode to supply the critical load like home light and refrigerator.

3. Time of use function—Setting the time to charge the battery when the grid bill low, or on the contrary, to discharge the battery when the grid bill is high, you can save your electric bill.

Residential Off grid Storage system

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Off grid storage system:

1. Battery prior—The load will use the power from PV and battery first, if the PV power is sufficient, it will power the load and charge the battery at the same time.

2. Grid prior— The load will use the power from grid and the PV will only charge battery, If “solar first” is selected as output source priority and solar energy is not sufficient to provide the load, solar energy and the utility will provide the loads and charge the battery at the same time.

AC coupled inverter with PV inverter


A perfect bi-direction inverter for PV system Retro fit. Combine with 5kwh to 20kwh battery to realize the self comsuption energy system

AC coupled inverter with MPPT controller

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Build up a total solution for home storage system, during daytime, when PV is sufficient, it will charge the battery in prior; the inverter will discharge the battery when the battery voltage reaching the setting voltage point.

Also it can set to a defined time to discharge the battery to power the home load at night.