IEETEK Offer Innovative Power Solutions For Home & Commercial Purposes

IEETek's three-phase inverter

The following press release provides brief information about the company that offers you cutting-edge products to get renewable solar energy.

At IEETEK, our product portfolio includes:

  • Micro inverter
  • On-grid or grid-tied solar PV inverters
  • Single-phase and 3-phase solar inverters
  • AC coupled retrofit inverter
  • Hybrid inverter
  • Portable power station
  • Residential photovoltaic inverters
  • Energy-storage inverters
  • Off grid inverters
  • Energy storage battery

IEE offer single-phase 350W & 700W Micro Inverter that can work with 400W or 500W solar panels. The protection grade is IP67, which means it fits for both indoor and outdoor installation.

IEE on-grid solar inverters are applied with our patent technology. For MPPT features, other inverters work in a way of fixed voltage. They cannot always track the max power point. So IEE inverters work in dynamic MPPT algorithm. It keeps tracking the actual max power point to ensure max efficiency. Besides, IEE make THD rate so low that it’s less than 1.2%. The AC electricity generated by IEE inverters is much more closer to pure sine wave, thus to reduce harmonic pollution to grid.

singo portable power station 09
singo portable solar generator 09

IEETEK Singo Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-based generator that provides both AC and DC power to your electrical equipment wherever you go. The max power it can provide ranges from 600W to 2000W and they’re also adaptable for higher power devices from 1200W to 4000W. Almost all common electrical devices can be powered, such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, camping lights and camping cookers & ovens and so on. It’s designed with multiple types of output ports, such as AC outlets, Type-C, USB-A, DC carports and Quick Charge ports. How to recharge it? Singo can be charged by AC power directly at high speed of 800W and higher. It only takes 1.5h to be charged to 100% capacity(1008Wh). Besides, it can also be charged through solar panels, DC adaptor and carports. Besides outdoor power, it can also work as home UPS for family.

Hybrid Inverter is the great combination of solar inverter and battery inverter. In a solar energy system, a solar PV inverter can work to convert DC(direct current) electricity generated by solar panels into AC(alternative current) electricity to power your home appliances. If you need to store extra power into battery, you need to add a battery inverter. But with hybrid inverter, you don’t have to use two separate inverters. One hybrid inverter will fulfill this task.

Residential Grid tied Storage system

AC coupled inverter works to retrofit the traditional solar energy system. As shown in below image,  with AC coupled inverter, a traditional solar energy system can be retrofitted into solar energy-storage system. AC coupled inverter works to store the electricity generated by solar inverter into the storage battery.

IEE also offers off-grid single phase PV inverter for 3KW and 5KW.

To get more information about our innovative power solutions, you can visit our official website anytime ( We are always available to assist you with our range of power solution products.

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