Realizing Smart Electricity Consumption with Residential Hybrid Solar Inverters

IEE Residential Storage system

Solely relying on a grid power supply can be inconvenient and uneconomical, considering the occasional power outages and expensive electricity bills. Supplementing with solar energy is an effective solution to realize smart electricity consumption for homes. The residential hybrid solar inverter is a good choice, which harnesses solar power in conjunction with the grid, allowing our daily energy supply to be more intelligent.

The feature-rich residential solar inverter solutions from IEETek are the recommended product.

IEETek hybrid three phase inverter

Residential Hybrid Solar Inverters and Their Advantages

A residential hybrid solar inverter can invert the direct current generated from the solar energy into an alternating current that can directly power the electrical appliances. It is an advanced device integrating solar power generation and battery storage capabilities. The electricity generated during the day can be stored in batteries and then used at night, during power outages, or when electricity bills are too high.

A residential solar inverter can remain connected or pull from the grid when needed. Thus, a home power supply will be more convenient and economical.

  1. Advantages of IEETek Residential Hybrid Solar Inverters

There are several key advantages of IEETek’s residential hybrid solar inverter products. The advantages can be divided into the following two categories:

1). Grid-tied Use

Being grid-tied allows homeowners to sell surplus solar power for additional income. IEETek hybrid solar inverter solutions offer strategic grid-tied benefits like:

  • Reduce dependence on the grid with a storage battery. Household loads can still run during power outages.
  • Place less constraint on solar power generation. Excessive electricity generated can be stored in batteries for future use.
  • Sell surplus electricity to the grid when the electricity fee is very high.

2). Off-grid Use

Operating independently from the grid gives energy freedom and saves money in the long run. Some advantages of the off-grid capability of an IEETek hybrid solar inverter include:

  • Energy independence and resilience during frequent power outages from bad weather or maintenance.
  • Ensure that work is not interrupted even if there is an emergency power outage in the power grid.
  • Substantial long-term savings from not having to buy any grid-supplied electricity. Lower electricity bills.
IEETek hybrid pv inverter

Intelligent Experience of Residential Hybrid Solar Inverters

Residential solar inverter solutions are highly intelligent systems that offer different power modes to seamlessly integrate solar energy and batteries based on various operating conditions. These work modes include:

1. Photovoltaic High-Power Mode

When the photovoltaic power generation exceeds the power of the household load and the battery energy storage power, the hybrid solar inverter will then feed surplus electricity back to the grid. However, if grid feedback is not desired, the residential solar inverter can be set to reduce power generation or increase battery capacity.

2. Photovoltaic Low-Power Mode

Under low irradiance, such as cloudy days when solar power cannot meet household loads, the battery will discharge supplemental energy as needed. If the combined solar and battery power still remains insufficient, the hybrid solar inverter can seamlessly obtain supplementary electricity from the grid.

3. The Non-photovoltaic Power Mode

At night or on rainy days, without any sunshine available, the battery bank in the residential solar inverter can power household appliances. If the battery storage capacity is lower than the household load power, it can activate the power grid to ensure that household electricity is not interrupted.

4. UPS Mode

During grid outages or faults, this hybrid solar inverter mode provides instantaneous backup power from the battery. The automatic switchover happens quickly in milliseconds, ensuring uninterruptible power continuity during natural disasters or accidents.

5. The User Setting Mode

Homeowners can program customized controls like preferentially using the stored electricity or taking it from the power grid when the electricity bill is particularly cheap during a certain period. In places with frequent power outages, ensure that the battery is fully charged so that electricity is available during power outages. This optimizes everyone’s electricity demand.

The Residential Hybrid Solar Inverters from IEETek

IEETek is a leading global brand in solar energy solutions. We are a premier brand in the solar solutions industry with years of experience in manufacturing and supplying hybrid solar inverters. As a top solar inverter manufacturer, we are well-known for our product reliability, technical expertise, and excellent customer care. The following are two of our top hybrid solar inverter offerings:

1.Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KW/10KW/12KW/15KW

This powerful hybrid solar inverter system provides complete home backup capabilities and guarantees reliable performance for home loads. This inverter can be installed on the wall to save home space. Its key characteristics include:

  • Hybrid all-in-one inverter design with IP65 waterproof, allowing for outdoor application
  • Versatile battery voltage ranges from 180-750V
  • Continuous  8KW/10KW/12KW/15KW output during outages
  • High 1.5-2 DC/AC power ratio
  • 10ms automatic switchover between grid and battery modes
  • Three-phase output without limitations
  • Remote monitoring and controls via web
  • Lithium battery with BMS adds extra protection
  • Optional nature cooling or smart cooling models
IEETek three phase hybrid inverter

2. Hybrid Solar Inverter 3KW/4KW/5KW

Hybrid Solar Inverter 3KW/4KW/5KW is a more compact home backup system that is ideal for supplementary power applications. It delivers affordable electricity independence through solar energy and battery storage. Its key characteristics include:

  • Space-saving design for flexible mounting
  • Continuous 3KW/4KW/5KW output during outages
  • 10% overpower capability for 10 seconds
  • Hybrid input with PV and battery for safety output
  • Accurate and real-time MPP tracking thanks to the enhanced dynamic MPPT algorithm
  • Available UPS function allows for 10ms automatic transfer
  • Easy firmware upgrades via USB and remote monitoring through the web portal or mobile APP
  • Quiet Operation that is lower than 35dB
IEETek Hybrid Solar Inverter


Smart electricity consumption is crucial for households to reduce utility costs and carbon footprints. Residential solar inverter solutions, which optimize energy consumption and store excess energy, are key to achieving this goal.

At IEETek, our residential solar inverter market expertise originates from our long-term efforts to deliver innovative technologies. We are dedicated to maximizing smart electricity use through solar and battery storage. You can count on our dependable solutions to make your power consumption more intelligent. Visit our website to learn more about our advanced residential hybrid solar inverter solutions.

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