Powering Independence: IEETek’s Off-Grid Solar Storage Inverter 3KW/5KW

IEETek single phase hybrid storage inverter

In the quest for energy independence, the significance of off-grid solar systems cannot be overstated. Among these solutions, a 3KW (or 3 kilowatts) system stands as a testament to self-reliant energy production. Representing the capacity to generate up to 3,000 watts of power per hour, a 3KW off-grid solar system becomes a pivotal choice for those seeking reliable and independent energy sources, especially in remote areas or locations devoid of traditional grid access. Let’s see how IEETek do that!

Introducing IEETek’s Off-Grid Solar Storage Inverter 3KW/5KW

IEETek brings forth an exceptional solution in the form of its Off-Grid Solar Storage Inverter series, available in both 3KW and 5KW configurations. These inverters redefine the norms of off-grid energy systems, offering a suite of features designed to ensure seamless energy production, storage, and utilization, even in challenging environments.

Key Features Powering IEETek’s Off-Grid Solar Storage Inverter 3KW/5KW

Wide Utility Input Range for Unreliable Grids: These inverters offer a wide utility input range, spanning from 90Vac to 280Vac. This wide input tolerance is crucial, especially in areas with unreliable or fluctuating grid power, ensuring stable operation and the ability to adapt to varying grid conditions.

Intelligent Built-in MPPT with 100A Charging Current: Equipped with an intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system and a robust 100A charging current, these inverters maximize the efficiency of solar panel utilization and battery charging. This intelligence optimizes the capture of solar energy while swiftly charging the storage batteries, ensuring efficient energy harvesting.

High-efficiency Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Featuring a high-efficiency pure sine wave inverter with a Power Factor (PF) range of 0.8 to 1, the IEETek Off-grid Solar Storage Inverter guarantees optimal conversion of DC power from the batteries to AC power for household appliances. This pure sine wave output ensures compatibility and seamless operation of various electronic devices.

UPS Functionality with Rapid Switchover: The inverter’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functionality ensures a rapid 10ms switchover in case of power interruptions, providing uninterrupted power supply to essential loads. This seamless transition between grid power and stored energy safeguards against disruptions, ensuring continuous operation of critical devices.


IEETek’s Off-grid Solar Storage Inverter 3KW/5KW isn’t just a power solution; it’s a testament to reliability, efficiency, and adaptability. It’s the cornerstone of self-sustained energy, catering to diverse energy needs and empowering individuals and communities to embrace a more independent and reliable energy future.

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