IEETek:  Micro Inverter Manufacturing

IEETek three phase hybrid storage inverter

IEETek takes pride in offering top-notch products, comprehensive technical support, continuous technical innovation, and extensive business coverage. Our team at IEETek is dedicated to providing outstanding solutions that meet the needs of inverter distributors and system integrators. With a strong emphasis on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourself as a trusted name in the micro inverter market.

IEETek three phase hybrid storage inverter

Superior Products for Reliable Solar Energy Solutions

At IEETek, we believe that superior products yield reliable solar energy solutions. Our micro inverters are meticulously designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and maximize efficiency. We prioritize the use of high-quality materials and employ rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our products consistently meet industry standards. With IEETek micro inverters, businesses can rely on stable and optimal power conversion, resulting in improved overall system performance.

Technical Support that Goes the Extra Mile

At IEETek, we understand that successful partnerships go beyond delivering exceptional products. That’s why we offer comprehensive technical support to our distributors, ensuring that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively promote and integrate our micro inverters into their systems. Our team of experts is readily available to assist with installation guidance, troubleshooting, and ongoing support. We believe in empowering our partners with the confidence and expertise needed to address any technical challenges that may arise.

Driving Innovation in Micro Inverter Technology

As an inverter manufacturer in the micro inverter industry, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our dedicated R&D team is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that drive the advancement of solar energy. Through continuous research and development, we strive to introduce new features and technologies that optimize power conversion, increase system reliability, and enhance overall system performance. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we ensure that our partners have access to the most advanced micro inverter solutions on the market.

Extensive Business Coverage for Global Reach

Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of inverter distributors and system integrators is reflected in our extensive business coverage. With a reliable network of distributors and partners worldwide, our products are available in various regions, allowing us to cater to customers across the globe. We understand the importance of localized service and support, and our widespread network enables us to provide prompt and efficient assistance to our customers, regardless of their geographical location.


At IEETek, we take pride in our position as a pioneering micro inverter manufacturer. Our commitment to producing excellent products, providing comprehensive technical support, driving technical innovation, and maintaining extensive business coverage sets us apart in the industry. We are dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of solar energy through reliable and efficient micro inverter solutions. By choosing IEETek, our partners can confidently navigate the evolving solar energy landscape while maximizing their system performance and achieving their sustainability goals.

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