residential pv system

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High MPPT Efficiency

Maximum of MPPT Efficiency Up to 99.9%

Excellent Output Wave

High-quality Pure Sine Wave Output

Safety & Reliable

Level 2 Lighting Protection

Smart Control

Remote Monitor via Web Portal or APP


Energy Self-sufficiency

The PV panels can generate energy for household use, achieving self-sufficiency and reducing electricity bills.

Grid Support

The excess power generated form PV panels can be sold back to the grid, earning profits through energy trading.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Installing a PV system doesn’t require a battery system, which can save time and money on equipment installation. This type of system is suitable for people living in areas with dependable power grids who want to utilize solar energy.



Lucknow, India

Mr. Emmanuel, living in Lucknow, India, installed this 6kW grid-tied rooftop PV system, powered by IEETek’s RV6000D single-phase PV inverter. The system allows Mr. Emmanuel to harness solar energy to power his household appliances and feed any excess energy into the grid, leading to a 65% reduction in his monthly electricity bills.

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