residential hybrid storage system

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IEETek PRODUCT page image
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Safe & Reliable

Enhanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell and BMS

Uninterruptible Power Supply

10 milliseconds Automatic Switchover to UPS Mode

High Efficiency & Smart Control

Maximum MPPT Efficiency of Up to 99.9% and Remote Monitor via Web Portal or APP

Excellent Output Wave

High-quality Pure Sine Wave Output


Maximize the Self-consumption of Solar Energy

The excess power generated from the PV array can be stored in batteries to support loads when solar production is weak, maximizing the self-consumption of solar energy.

Provide Backup Power for Critical Loads

The battery stores solar power or takes energy from the grid to supply power during outages. The system automatically switches to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) mode within 10 milliseconds when outages occur.

Time of Use (TOU)

By setting the charging and discharging time, the battery can be charged at off-peak rates and discharged to loads at peak hours to reduce the electricity bill.

Support Grid to Earn Profits

When the generated solar power exceeds the power of the load and the battery storage capacity, the excess power can be transmitted back to the grid in response to the grid scheduling, earning profits through energy trading.



Birmingham, UK

Mr. Smith faced the challenge of a high electricity bill. To address this issue, he opted for IEETek’s RH5048D hybrid energy storage inverter and P5000T battery pack. This 5KWh hybrid energy storage system effectively harnesses solar energy, storing it in batteries to power household loads and even allowing the excess energy to be fed back into the grid. As a result, his average monthly electricity bill has a 75% decrease, effectively addressing the problem of a high electricity bill.

Athens, Greece

Mr Alexander, who was located in the suburb of Greece faced difficulties with unreliable electricity from the grid and was frustrated when the frequent power outages occurred. The IEETek’s LH8000D hybrid storage inverter and S5000-2 battery pack efficiently tackled this issue. This 10KWh solar system allows the power generated to be stored in batteries and supplies to the loads during outages.

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