residential ac coupled retrofit system

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Safe & Reliable

Enhanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell and BMS

Uninterruptible Power Supply

10 milliseconds Automatic Switchover to UPS Mode

Excellent Output Wave

High-quality Pure Sine Wave Output

Smart Control

Remote Monitor via Web Portal or APP


Upgrading PV System

By retrofitting the existing PV system, the excess energy generated from PV panels can be stored in the battery system, maximizing the ROI in the solar power system.



Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, Portugal, Mr. Antonio had an existing grid-tied PV system. During the summer days, the PV system generated more energy than its household consumed, while the compensation for the excess electricity fed into the grid was reduced. Mr. Antonio sought a solution to store the surplus energy. This AC coupled retrofit system tackled his problem. Integrated with IEETek’s RB5048 AC coupled storage inverter and a P5000T battery pack, this 5KWh storage system enables the addition of a battery storage system without the need for reinstalling the entire setup.

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