portable all-in-one system

IEETek PRODUCT page image
IEETek PRODUCT page image


Multipurpose Design

Support Residential ESS and Portable Power Use

Convenient Transport

Rugged Wheels and Pull Handle

Versatile Output

Customizable AC/DC Ports

Advanced Protection Rating

IP54/IP65 Customization Available

High Efficiency & Smart Control

Maximum MPPT Efficiency of Up to 99.9% and Remote Monitor via Web Portal or APP

Modular Design

Expandable Up to 20kWh Capacity

Excellent Output Wave

High-quality Pure Sine Wave Output

Safety & Reliable

Enhanced Lithium Iron Phosphate and BMS


Residential Energy Storage

Storing excess energy in the battery module allows users to make the most of their solar energy while ensuring a reliable power supply to essential services. It also enables peak-load shifting, cutting electricity costs. Additionally, excess energy can be sold back to the grid, generating extra income.

Portable Power Use

This portable all-in-one energy storage system is a perfect suit for installing in RV and trailer, achieving off-grid living.

Time of Use (TOU)

By setting the charging and discharging time, the battery can be charged at off-peak rates and discharged to loads at peak hours to reduce the electricity bill.

the ieetek portable all-in-one ess versus general portable ess

IEETek portable all-in-one ess sh4000s-5



Zhoushan, China

Mr. Zhang lived in a small apartment in Zhoushan, China. He wanted to use solar energy to reduce his electricity bill but didn’t want to establish a traditional energy storage system as it would take up too much space. Thus, he opted for IEETek’s SH4000S-5 all-in-one ESS and set up this 5kWh balcony solar system. This system operates with the PV panels of the balcony, occupying almost no living space. The electricity generated during the day can be stored in the integrated battery module, and the SH4000S-5 can be easily removed and used wherever necessary, achieving an electricity reduction of 50%. Moreover, as an outdoor enthusiast, Mr. Zhang found that the SH4000S-5 is a good camping companion, its convenient transportation design is perfect for RVing.

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